Wok Scrambled Eggs: A Simple Scramble

Oh you have to be using a wok to make scrambled eggs right? Using a wok has to be one of the all time best ways to make scrambled eggs. I discovered this way when making egg fried rice! I found that using the wok you can rustle up speedy scrambled eggs in just a few minuets and its super easy!

Why Wok To Scramble

For me a wok and a good rubber spatula are the best and only tools of the trade needed here, unless we are counting the heat source of course. A wok works wonders here, The non stick coating makes it a breeze to keep the eggs from sticking, and its a breeze to clean too! Bonus!

Using a wok also makes it easier to keep the eggs moving. When using a pan the eggs can catch a touch in the corners and its just more awkward. So to sum it up a wok is going to make it easier. We love the easy option!

The Golden Scrambled Eggs

Achieving the golden coloured scrambled eggs is easy if we follow the simple rule; Don’t Season The Scrambled Eggs Until The End. That easy to remember rule is what will keep your eggs from discolouring during the cooking process. The addition of butter at the start also adds a lovely golden nutty joy to the eggs too!

The Essential Scrambled Eggs Ingredients

Okay so there is a couple of ingredients I say we must have to make totally yummy scrambled eggs. Nothing to complicated or expensive here the basic standard ingredients needed are 1 tsp Olive Oil – Salt – Pepper and Butter. A note on getting super buttery scrambled eggs is to follow the butter to egg ratio.

Butter To Scrambled Egg Ratio; 1 Tbsp of Butter per 2 Eggs.

Someone Once Told Me……

Getting Spicy With The Scramble

Of course we are going to touch on the ways to spice up your eggs! It would be rude not too! Remember your Essential Cupboard? Well we can use some simple herbs and spices to kick those eggs up a level.

  • Garam masala – A delicious earthy warmth Indian spice blend. It typically includes turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, and cardamom. Adding a Tsp while mixing the eggs is a sure fire way to add some spice to those morning eggs. Add while in the stir process.
  • Rosemary, Tarragon, Oregano and thyme – Okay a number of herbs in one heading to save on the bullet point here guys. I am not suggesting you should throw them all in at once but try adding a pinch of one of these each time you make eggs and finding a herbs option. Add while in the stir process.
  • Chilli powder, Chilli Flakes & Hot Sauce – To add a touch of mild heat try adding some chilli powder. We already know that chilli flakes sprinkled on eggs wins so sprinkle a few on at the end. Hot sauce, if your crazy enough add a small drop of sriracha at the end and mix. (not for me that one)
  • Chives – Yeah chives are getting a their very own bullet point That’s how much i respect this herb with scrambled eggs. Simply sprinkle on the end and boom! Fine dining at home.

The Scrambled Eggs in a Wok Process

Okay the let’s explain the process. Remembering the butter ratio from before you can upscale using as many eggs as your like. The process below is outing the basic no frills eggs. If you are adding spices add when you are at the stir process, for herbs such as chives and heat from chilli flakes, sprinkle at the end.

  1. Heat wok on med-high heat – Add 1 tbsp of Olive Oil
  2. Crack 6 Eggs into the wok and add 3 tbsp Butter
  3. Do Not Season Eggs Yet! Wait until the last moments of cooking
  4. Using a rubber spatula, stir, stir and stir some more
  5. Once the eggs are coming together Season with salt and pepper
  6. Remove from pan to stop from over cooking
  7. Serve.
Scrambled Eggs On Instagram
wok made scrambled eggs
serving suggestion, on toast with toms and bacon

To Conclude The Food

Scrambled eggs are super easy and when done in a wok you can’t go wrong. Remember the butter ratio and to season with salt and pepper at the end and your living the dream.


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