The Follow/UN-follow Game On Insta

When I talk to people on Instagram one thing that keeps coming up is the The Follow/UN-follow Game! We wake up, check out Instagram, 15 new followers. Check the over all count and you have less than the night before? Frustrating right?

Getting stressed about this is never going to help yet its something we all do. Spending so much time working on your posts and accounts it all feels very personal. The key to remember is that’s its not personal and a lot the time its purely business.

Why the follow/UN-follow game happens

It really is a simple answer, because the follow/UN-follow game works! It really is a fast way to grow an account. You can make the best content in the world yet it will always only be shown to a portion of the people on Instagram. To get yourself out there you have to put your name about. To do this you have a few options.

  1. Like and comment on as many unique new accounts
  2. Follow other accounts in the same niche you work in

The UN-following part comes in mostly because of the limit Instagram have on the number of people you can follow. Take Twitter for example, you can follow hundreds of thousands of people! You don’t need to unfollow anyone to make space to follow more, which unlike Instagram that have a 7.5k Limit. So to keep following new accounts you have to make way by UN-following.

The naughty follow/UN-Follow game

The naughty side to playing The follow/UN-Follow game is when the account gets a follow back then they UN-follow the person sometimes straight away. This for me is a horrible way to play the game. This happens a lot and is one of the things people get annoyed about.

You can avoid being caught out by this method by being selective who you follow back. It’s all to easy just to click follow back because hey you don’t want to loose a follower right? But if you look into the account you will notice the signs that this relationship will always be one sided.

Beating the Follow/UN-follow Game misery

The first thing to do and this is super important. Forget your daily follower count! Before I talk any further about the following subjects I want you to forget about your daily followers. You can’t track any growth daily as the fluctuation is just to high. When tracking growth on your account you want to look at the weekly figures. As long as each week is an over all plus we are going in the right direction.

To beat the misery is simple and I have a great tip; LET IT GO!!! Simple right? Seriously getting stressed over this is not worth it. You will discover as I talk more that follow UN-follow no matter how annoying it will happen and is no big deal.

Things to watch out for when deciding who to follow back

So when following back take those few moments to look at what the account is about, is it relevant to you it may be that the new follower is a fan of your niche but doesn’t post content that is in your area. Potentially here you have gained and a fan and following back isn’t required.

Another thing to look at is their follower to following ratio… An account with 30 k followers and only following a few hundred haven’t clicked follow on you because they like what you do. They have arrived to get you to follow them back. Simply don’t follow back and don’t look at them as a gained follower. Let them drop of and forget about it.

Playing the game the right way

So should you be playing the follow UN-follow game? Yes!! Now I am going to tell you the right way to do it. I am not talking about being one of those accounts that just follow hundreds at random and UN-follow however you do need a growth strategy and following, UN-following is at the top of the list.

To play the game right firstly you need to know this golden rule; Embrace those that follow back and celebrate your new followers by not UN-following them!

Meeting New Folks

Are you following new accounts daily? If not why not? You should always be looking out and following new accounts. It’s the only way to grow on Instagram. You can follow up to 60 accounts an hour before the Instagram spam bots come chasing you down. Of course 60 an hour is extreme but if you follow 60 new accounts a day that’s a great bench to start on.

insta growth from following
Instagram growth when following new accounts

Finding accounts to follow

To find the accounts you want to follow start close to home. Review your current followers and have a look at who follows those, you could pick 60 followers from each of your followers every day for example. Another great way is to search for hashtags in your niche and follow some accounts there.

When following new accounts be sure to engage to. Its no good racing through a list and going done… 60 people following me back in no time. First off a great number won’t always follow you back, and secondly you need to give someone a reason to follow.

Going through new accounts last 6 posts and showing some love is a great way to introduce yourself and get the attention. This will also help your engagement as you find a lot of people will return the love.

Finding Followers
A list of followers from a followers list.

Hitting the maximum followers

Instagram only allows you to follow a max of 7.5 k people. This is where everyone you follow should be well thought out, remember how I said earlier take that time to make sure you should be following back before just clicking it?

The maximum number of followers is why the UN-follow part of the game happens. As we said earlier following is a great way of promoting but when you get to 7.5 k you can’t follow any more. That’s where UN-following has to happen

UN-following on Instagram the right way

Okay so we’ve got to the gritty part now, loosing the love. Here is where a number of apps can help you. The first people you are going to want to UN-follow are those that don’t follow you back. People who don’t follow you back really are adding no value to your account.

Key to remember; Give new accounts time to follow you back, engage and give them Time. Time-zones and a personal life mean that not everyone clicks instantly.

Once we are only following those that follow back we need to be selective on choosing the next. At this point you really need to utilise a 3rd party app…. Instagram says your not allowed but really I don’t know any other way. You need to find out who is not engaging on your posts.

So on my account at time of writing I was following 6,654 people. When I checked using an app 3,445 people had never liked or commented on my posts! Over half the people! Those are the people who you want to UN-follow.

You want engaging followers so UN-following those who don’t engage on your posts is what you want to do.This is what makes a shady UN-follow follow technique into a correct growth campaign that works and no one can complain. If someone asks why you have UN-followed it will be for 1 of 2 reasons. They Didn’t follow you back, or never engaged on your posts.

3756 Fans not engaging.

Concluding The Info

So there we have it, The Follow/UN-follow follow game in a nutshell. Remember keep following new accounts other wise you will get to a set number of followers and stay there for what feels like forever. UN-follow those that don’t follow back, UN-follow those that never engage! Value, engage and welcome yourself to new followers. You will be growing in style in no time. If you need to boost your engagement be sure to have a look at my Insta tips for creating content that people will love.


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