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So You have your killer account at the ready, now you need find engaging followers right? Engagement is the key of the game when it comes to Instagram. Sure big followings are what we all dream of but if your not getting any love for your work then whats the point.

To build your Instagram you need to first make sure you have the basics covered first. You can go looking for followers all you like but if you don’t have these first steps down, well your hard work just isn’t going to pay off.

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Covering The Basics before finding engaging followers

  • Complete your BIO. Be creative! Writing Bio’s is never fun, Highlight what your Niche is so others know what your about. Ensure links to blogs etc are included.
  • Create a profile picture. Everyone likes to see who’s behind the account.
  • Connect to your friends. Follow people who you know. Building an audience from scratch is difficult. Users are quick to dismiss small accounts with little followings, Not always due to being nasty but to advert from the high number of spam accounts.
  • Look for your audience. To me audience is the key. You need to be aware of your competitors followers, Hash Tags that are used in your area. Look out for influencers in your niche and try to connect.
  • Post the content interesting to your audience. Once you have found your niche you then need to focus on what your audience are liking. Look out for trends and review the home screen to see whats doing well.
  • Be consistent. Stick with your niche. If you are cooking account stick with the food. Of course break it up every now and then but if people follow you for your amazing food then you start posting pictures of art work its confusing. This can cost you followers.
  • Start a conversation. Getting into conversations on posts is a great way to build a connection, It helps the engagement ratings go through the roof too. If you look at posting as if you are starting a group chat and reply as if you would texting you will see your engagement go wild.
  • GOOD CONTENT IS KEY. I hate myself for saying because I have sat through so many seminars offering amazing advice just to hear create amazing content. It is true though Instagram needs GOOD content and will always reward better content. Spend that extra time getting those pictures right.

Where to look for engaging followers

When we want to find our engaging followers we need to start looking at accounts in the same field as we aim to be in. For me its food. Now that doesn’t mean ill just go to Gordon Ramsay and just aimless follow all he is following or even look to much into his followers. That can be a good way of aggressive growth which i will talk about another time but for engaging followers we need to be more selective. **If starting from a brand new account ensure you have at least 6 – 9 posts already up. Hashtag these well and review any likes.

The first thing we want to do is pick an account with roughly around the same following league as your own. By this I mean if you have 50 followers look at people between 50-500. If you are on 500 look at 500 – 2000. No fancy maths equations to be all precise here but good practice is to keep within your range.

We can find these accounts from either looking through our own likes and picking an account or also by searching up hashtags and looking at accounts this way.

Targeting an account

Once we have found an account and they are getting a good number of likes and comments this is where we are going to Find Engaging Followers, We Want to give this account a follow then dive into their likes and comments I will get to nice introduction shortly.

We want to go to the most recent posts and begin to look through the comments. When scanning through the comments check each account out and if they have a good follower/following ratio its worth giving them a follow. Same with the likes.

Yes this does take a bit of a time and when adding the introduction part you are going to have to spend a bit of time here. The benefit of spending time here will pay massively when you see your engagement ratios jumping up.

You see the key to finding your audience isn’t about just casting a net out and hoping for the best, a targeted approach to engaging with accounts in your niche and ensuring those accounts will actively engage back.

Finding Followers From Your Friends

Searching through your fellow followers most recent comments will give you a couple of vital pieces of information. A) the person commenting is currently active and hasn’t left Instagram. b) is prepared to drop comments.

Now we all know commenting is whats hot right now in social world right? Well it sure is, get a conversation flowing and your engagement will sore through the roof. When you go through the most recent comments engage and comment with those who are commenting. This is a great way to meet new and active people.

The same goes for the most recent likes too you don’t have to just look at comments. The most recent posts are the ones you want to be looking for doing this as this will get your follow backs or follows a lot faster than from someone who wont be online for some time.

Timing is always critical when it comes to Instagram. A lot of talk goes into posting times and you should always be looking at your insights to work out what time your followers are actively using the app.

Following New Accounts

So we all hate that follow/UN-follow game right? I know you are super straightened about this. I would never really endorse the bot way of just going through following hundreds of accounts and then just letting your UN-following app go crazy! That is just the wrong way of going about getting your name out there.

You see everyone is super quick to talk about Organic Growth and how important it is. Yes of course this is important and your accounts should always be growing naturally but if you don’t seek to get your name out there who is ever going to hear you? You have to be out there finding the new accounts.

Instagram let’s you to follow up to 7.5k people max. So at the start when your growing you can follow large numbers of people without worrying to much. When you get close to the 7.5k those spaces become super valuable and its where you need to be watching who is engaging to who you are following.

Following up to 60 new accounts an hour can help you grow followers at an extreme rate. Doing this will give you over 1k plus followers in a week. I am not of course talking about 60 every hour for 24 hours but if you can spare 5 mins from your hour to go on a quick hunt for followers you will be amazed at just how fast your following grows.

Welcoming in New followers

So for me when an account follows me I always like to check them out and usually give the latest top 9 a like. It gives you a feel for what the account is all about and also shows you are willing to engage. Some people will use engagement apps to automatically UN-follow accounts that ain’t engaging. Remember we are on the hunt to Find Engaging Followers, to do this Ensure you are enganging out there too! Unless you have a natural fan base you are always going to have to put some love out on the net to get some love back right?

Keeping up with Comments

When I receive comments on my posts I always reply to each person. If you comment in the first 20 mins of a post going up my replies are pretty much instant. From there as the window of engagement slows down I can take a little longer to reply. However with each valuable comment (valuable Instagram Comments are Comments with 5 or more words) For these comments I will go to the persons profile and reply with a comment and generally like the latest posts. This way it makes people to come back and support your content as they know you will do the same in return.

Story Shout-outs

So you see a lot of these, thank you messages on stories with a screen shot of the likes. For me I like shout outs and believe that sharing is caring. If the account has over 20k then yeah the shout outs start adding value but you have to think how many people see the stories click through and follow you back.

Now I am not saying don’t do them but I just wouldn’t invest to much time into this. If you are at a small scale a couple of them wont hurt. But you can end up just taking so many screen shots and sending thank you messages that your stories become spammy. Don’t forget Stories are super powerful on Instagram. If people notice its just thank you messages your stories will slowly be skipped. Of course you can do the thank you and this will certainly help you with Finding Engaging Followers who have engaging followers too! Just all depends on how much time you a low to focus on each aspect of the app.

Good luck on the hunt for Find Engaging Followers. If you want to chat about anything social or Instagram then you know what to do. Drop me a message on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


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