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Hello There, Welcome to the about us page. Oh my days when you think filling in a bio is hard imagine filling in a whole page! Well Let’s have a go. I will share with you a bit about myself and what the website is about. Sounds exciting right? Yeah you know it does! Remember you can drop me a message on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

If you are looking for the recipes here are some handy links: Soups & Light Bites | Mains | Desserts

About The Man Behind The Machine

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Hiya so yeah that would be me! I am Jay, Known as @mrjay_thehomecook on Instagram. At the time of writing this I am 32 years of age. Not sure if I have to come back and update this every year…. Something yet to learn again.

I am married to the lovely Lowri and we share responsibility for our 3 wonderful Children. Spending most the days cooking, sharing on Instagram and popping to work. So many times my followers ask me to share the recipes behind the posts that a website felt right.

Now I could obviously spend a day writing a blog about my life story but that wont help you in the kitchen. I will how ever give you a snapshot of what has brought me to this point.

Growing up with Food

Always the one to be a fussy eater up until my earlier 20’s. Growing up with my Grandad we used to live on either Pasta, Cheese & baked beans. Or for a super sweet treat it was pancakes. Cant forget his killer fry ups to of course. We certainly did pretty well for 2 guys who didn’t know what to do in a kitchen. At 19 I met the lady in my life. Then when little Ruby was born it was time to get organised in the kitchen. Obviously 2 more Children made an appearance and cooking smart and on a budget became a must. Raising kids is expensive right?

Home cooking can save you a fortune if done right which means more cash for activities right, or saving if you are the sensible one in the relationship. Playing about in the kitchen with cheap ingredients and doing what we could with an empty fridge I felt made cooking more exciting. Not to mention easier. If you are playing about with 15 ingredients vs my 4 then I can spend much more time making each one shine than trying to balance all the rest. Less is More.

As I started to play around in the kitchen more and more not only did we find that we were actually saving money, I found myself talking about food everywhere to everyone! The usual British way is to start a conversation with the weather, not me. I go straight in with the Whats for dinner.

Heading To Instagram

Cooking on Instagram was one of the first places I found to get inspired. I started sharing my food and through the pressure of trying to make each dish look better for an audience I found my confidence in the kitchen sky rocket. When you give yourself an audience you have to perform right?

The most important part about connecting on Instagram is being inspired by so many others. You really can build such a fantastic community of people who share your passions and enthusiasms. Doing this can hep you achieve your goals so much quicker as their is usual someone who can help you.

I learnt so many of my cooking techniques and recipes from people I have met on Instagram over the years that I figured I should be sharing what I have learnt to. So here we are.

Who doesn’t love cookies?

What’s The Website About

So the Instacooks Cook book hey. Well I wanted to create a space that we can share all my recipes, tips and ticks and any Instagram hints. Spending so much time on Instagram and talking to everyone I found myself sharing Instagram Knowledge so thought a few Insta guides here and there would be helpful.

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The Recipes

Ultimately we are here to share recipes. Sharing any recipes that I use is something I do often through messages and being able to link to this site will help others try out the super recipes I find.

Sharing Instacooks Recipes

Of course I would love to share recipes all day every day but how much time is there in a day really? This is why I would love to invite you to share a recipe or 2 with me. We are building our shout out sections and would love to shout out you recipes too! Perhaps you have a recipe on a post from a while back you wouldn’t mind sharing or you have that golden must shout from the roof tops recipe! we would really love to hear from you!

Instagram Tips

Okay so I know you stick to one thing and food is my thing, However….. Talking to so many people every day on Instagram that I hear the same problems and issues coming up. I am consistently learning what I can on the online world and you know me and sharing. So if I can help share some information then let’s totally do it.

To Conclude

Thanks for reading, I really am an open book so just ask if you want to know more. I really would love to hear some of your favourite recipes and hope you enjoy reading mine. Have a wonderful day,

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